As an ICF Associate Certified Coach, I work alongside you to support you as you are looking to make change in your personal or professional life.  I help you to create the space necessary to press pause and listen to what your inner wisdom calls for.  What is important in your life? How do you make time for more of what lights you up?  How do you move away from the things that leave you empty?  What are your growing edges?  Where can you test and learn to find the right path forward?   How will you make it happen and who will know?  Your goal is my goal and your agenda is my agenda.  I am not here to tell you what to do, I’m here to help you bring forth the inner wisdom that will help you get clear about your aspired destination.  

Coaching can help you to create a plan, accountability and most importantly, enrich your learning as you create the life you want. 

mentor Coaching for icf certification

My role in mentor coaching you is this:  Simply, I observe you coaching real clients, and we debrief your coaching conversations immediately following the observation, focusing on the process (not the content) of that session, and within the ICF Core Competency framework. I help you become a better observer of yourself – how you showed up in that coaching session, how you served your client, etc, so that you can, in the future, show up differently and expand/shift your coaching for this and other clients.


I collaborate with groups on everything from strategic planning to meeting facilitation.  I will consult with you regarding the goal you have for your group/team and together we will customize the perfect package.  



Professional Coach Development

As a lead faculty member at Seattle Coach, I have the privilege of working with aspiring coaches to develop the skills, presence and ethical confidence of a professional coach.   

The SeattleCoach Professional Training and Development Program grows leaders who plan to use their coaching skills and presence in a wide array of settings: With executives, teams, as in-house experts, external entrepreneurs and via individual, team, wellness, adventure and personal development coaching. When you join us, you get to invest in who you might want to be next.